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Is there a data feedback in the process of flight, and the data is slow and cannot reach the frame rate introduced?
2024-01-23 16:30:47

• The response speed will include the exposure time, if the exposure time is set too long, the corresponding return time will be extended;

• Need to check the log to confirm which link takes too long;

• It is suggested that the fastest response mode should be external trigger. The response speed of previous cases can meet the acquisition above 15hz, and 6sec should be the problem in the above situation;

• If the VA2/VE3 USB3.0 port is not properly connected, check whether the connected device is a USB3.0 port.

• Check CPU usage through the task manager;

• View cuda usage on the GPU through the task manager;

• Optical field calculation is more dependent on the graphics card, too low configuration will affect the speed, it is recommended that the graphics card configuration should be 3080Ti or above, if it is not satisfied with the previous article;

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