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VOMMA(Shanghai) Technology Co., Ltd
Next Generation 3D Imaging Technology

In 2017, VOMMA Technology launched its first generation industrial Light Field Camera System with international leading level and independent intellectual property rights. Inspired from insect compound eye system , hundreds of thousands of micro sensors are precisely packaged into a 3D Light Field Camera known as "industrial compound eye", realizing "single camera, single shot, 3D imaging", thus successfully solves the challenge of 3D defects detection for transparent, thin objects (e.g. LCD/OLED screen, CPI film) and micro metal wires (e.g. bonding wire).

VOMMA technology has become one of the very few Light Field 3D imaging technology companies in the world that fully master all the core technologies of optical design, manufacturing, 3D light field rendering algorithm and 3D defect detection software. With the world-leading light field 3D inspection/measurement technology, as well as more than 20 light field technology patents, VOMMA can offer a novel solution for your challenging 3D inspection tasks.

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