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VOMMA(Shanghai) Technology Co., Ltd
Computational Imaging Changes the World

Established in 2019, VOMMA (Shanghai) Technology Co., Ltd. is a leading supplier of light field cameras in the world. It is a scientific and technological achievements transformation project of Shanghai Jiao Tong University. Its core product, light-field camera, combines computational imaging technology to achieve the instantaneous recording of multi-dimensional light information. It has the capability of single shooting and instantaneous three-dimensional modeling, and features micro-nano precision, millisecond calculation and passive measurement. It won the "Gold Award of Machine Vision Innovation Product of the Year" at the 2020 Munich-Shanghai Light Fair.


VOMMA is a combination of the words "Voxel" and "Ommateum". Voxel stands for spatial voxel, which is the basic unit of three-dimensional spatial information, analogous to pixel; Ommateum refers to the compound eye of insects, which symbolizes the compound eye technology adopted by light fields.


VOMMA by bionic structure of insect compound eye vision field camera, the computed imaging technology, can realize the multi-dimensional information for calculating the instantaneous light, this unique "photo single and multiple perspectives image intake at the same time, three dimensional precision measurement" ability, the perfect solved the transparent, reflective, the difficulties of micro deep hole products such as 3 d detection.


Companies pay attention to technology development and continuous innovation, research and development team of elite school population proportion is as high as 70%, is 49, international patent 2, to apply for a patent of invention patent, 39, and has obtained a patent for invention authorization of the utility model patents authorized 6 and 7, patent of appearance design three parts, the software copyright registration 10 pieces. The company has in-depth cooperation with many international top universities and experts, in order to maintain technological leadership and sustainable innovation power, and jointly committed to the application of computational imaging technology in all walks of life.

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