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VOMMA(Shanghai) Technology Co., Ltd
Sensing multi-dimensional World

VOMMA(Shanghai) Technology Co., Ltd. was established in 2019.It is a scientific and technological achievement transformation project of Shanghai Jiao Tong University.It is a "specialized and innovative" high-tech enterprise in the field of computational imaging.It is also a leading international light field camera supplier.


VOMMA's light field camera,through the bionic structure of insect compound eyes combined with computational imaging technology, can instantaneously solve multi-dimensional light information. This unique ability of "single-shot photography, simultaneous capture of multiple-angle images, precise 3D measurement" perfectly addresses the challenges of 3D detection of transparent, reflective, and micro-deep hole products.


The company emphasizes technology research and development and continuous innovation. Our R&D team comprises of 70% graduates from prestigious universities.We have applied for more than 60 patents,including 2 international patents. Among these, 19 patents have been granted,wth over 30 valid invention patents pending, over 10 appearance and utility model patents, and over 10 registered software copyrights. The company collaborates deeply with many top international universities and experts to maintain technological leadership and endless innovative power, committed to applying computational imaging technology to various industries.

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