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Display panel defect inspection in different layer

Display panel defect inspection in different layer 

In display panel production line there may be defects like light spot, scratch, particals might cause a 100% mandatory scrapping. With VOMMA 3D inspection solution locates 3D position of defects by 1 single shot. fundamentally preventing the mandatory scrapping issues.

Defects Description 



Camera moduleVA6H-06B1@L4D00CG
Inspectable display film & panel typePolarizer
Defect typeScratch/ Bubble/ Fur/ Partical/ Bad points
Inspectable depth of panel<1mm
Inspection accuracyOver-inspection rate:≤0.1%
Detection failure rate:≤0.1%
Inspection efficiencyChange by different product sizes



N customer polarizer defect inspection

CasesN customer polarizer defect inspection
Project testing requirementsfour hundred × 200mm ² Linear polarizer (with protective film)
thickness 439μm
Product Description50μm point defect delamination insepection
Description of Requirementtraditional solutions cannot determine the level of defects and cannot improve the process.
Project status2021.3, communication needs
2021.11, put into verification
2022.3,The first set of solutions was verified and passed
2022.5,Bulk delivery
Product solutionslight field camera:VA6H-06B1@L4D00CG
Inspection efficiency2min/piece
Product operation statusStill running stably so far

Project environmental standards:

contentDesign NotesParameter requirements
Flatness of incoming materialsWhen configured with vacuum or fixture positioning, the product is required to be laid flat as a whole and within the required plane height difference.(<8 inches) Mobile phone panel <±30μm
(≥8 inches) TV panel <±100μm
Stage flatness(<8 inches) Mobile phone panel <±10μm
(≥8 inches) TV drama panel <±50μm
Camera motion controlCamera: can be moved verticallyZ-direction nuclear load>2kg
Product: The stage can be moved horizontally and leveled within the required range.Z-direction motion repeatability <1μm
work shockThe accuracy requirement is <100μm, and a shock-proof stage and camera structure are required.Meets VC-A shockproof level
Camera & Light SourceHigh-level trigger camera collects and links trigger light sourceResponse time <10ms
trigger control
operating systemWindow10 operating systemGraphics card driver update needs to be in 2023
Updated graphics card driver
Industrial computer requirementsEquipped with discrete graphics cardGraphics card requirements are related to efficiency requirements (minimum configuration is Nvidia GTX 1650 8Gb)
The motherboard has an additional CXP-6 interface

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