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Image Algorithm Engineer

Job description:

1. Promote the application of cutting-edge image processing algorithms in the field of object and human body 3D reconstruction and measurement;

2. Improve the performance and precision of algorithms in the above fields, and develop new algorithms;

3. Assist product R&D team to complete product development;

4. Introduce and evaluate new technologies.


1. Bachelor degree or above, familiar with C + +, OpenCV, fresh graduates are acceptable;

2. Familiar with CUDA, OpenGL and Halcon are highly preferred;

3. Experience in computational photography, computer vision, computer graphics is preferred;

4. Light field imaging, binocular imaging / stereo vision, RGB-d camera, laser 3D, slam related research or working experience is highly preferred.

QT (C++) developer

Job description:

1. Responsible for and participate in software system development;

2. Analyze software system requirements according to the development plan;

3. Code according to the design requirements, and carry out unit debugging and verification;

4. Participate in system joint debugging and be responsible for all related modules;

5. Write software instructions and provide technical support;

6. Participate in business and product discussion, technology driven business development;

7. Self driving and self-management ability, and be able to put forward improvement plan and promote the implementation of the system;

8. Good team cooperation and communication skills, team leading experience and confidence, identify with the open and progressive corporate culture.


1. Good command of C + + and at least one other programming language;

2. Experience in QT or MFC software development;

3. Knowledge of computer graphics and openGL rendering engine is preferred;

4. Familiar with graphics and image processing, familiar with Halcon, VisionPro or OpenCV is preferred;

5. Good communication skills, ability to find and solve practical problems;

6. Work actively and have rich project management experience and ability.

Optical engineer

Job description:

1.Propose lens design according to different application scenarios;

2. According to lens required by specific project, select and evaluate the most suitable lens;

3.Design, simulate and evaluate the imaging quality of the optical system;

4. Participate in the evaluation and determination of optical parameters required in specific project;

5. Be organized, clear and patient;

6. Have good team cooperation and communication skills, at the same time have a certain writing ability.


1. Master at least one optical simulation software (ZEMAX or CODEV);

2. Experience in lens design, familiar with performance analysis of optical imaging system;

3. Experience in lens selection, familiar with lens parameters;

4. Familiar with graphics and image processing, proficient in OpenCV and Halcon is preferred, experience in light field camera simulation is preferred, profound knowledge in Fourier optics is preferred;

5. Good communication skills and writing skills;

6. Work actively and conscientiously.

Note: Over 90% of the core members of the R&D team have a Ph.D. or master's degree from Shanghai Jiao Tong University. They have been working in the field of 3D machine vision in Light Field for nearly 10 years, who can provide you with good technical guidance.

Salary and treatment: the above posts provide social insurance and housing fund, basic salary and project award, employee care welfare, equity incentive, etc.

Working environment: technology-based entrepreneurial company atmosphere, waiting for you to join us!

Office Add: Room 1201, building 1, No. Neo Bay Science Park, Minhang District, Shanghai (8 minutes walking from Jianchuan Road Station of Metro Line 5)

Contact: Ms. Xu: elva.xu @ vommatec.com ; Ms. Shao: lucy.shao @ vommatec.com

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