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Power battery defect inspection

Power battery defect inspection

Batteries are the core components of electric automobile, and the safety of batteries directly affects the driving safety of the vehicles. By inspecting the welding process defects of electric automobile batteries, such as the presence of weld points, pinhole welding pits leading to unreliable weld points, etc., it is possible to detect potential safety hazards in the batteries. This ensures that the vehicle will not experience safety incidents during operation due to battery issues.




Camera moduleVA6H-17B1@L1D00CG
Inspectable battery defect typePower battery weld route inspection
Pin holeDiameter≥0.2mm
False solderWidth≥0.8mm
Raised nailHeight difference≤0.1mm
DentDepth≥0.2mm Area ≥0.2mm²
Weld slag≥0.3mm detected
Offset weldingConcentric distance ≤0.3mmφ13mm-φ16mm
Surface cracksLength <0.5mm
Burn injuryArea ≥0.25mm detected
Welding heightWeld height beyond φ13mm is detected in the assembly area
Inspection accuracy10μm
Inspection efficiency75ppm

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