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Good news! VOMMA was selected into the list of "specialized and special new" small and medium-sized enterprises in Shanghai!

Publisher: Release time: 2023-06-09 Pageview (458)
With its professional technical team, rich industry experience, high-quality products and services, Yimu Technology has been successfully selected to become a new force in promoting innovation and development and optimizing industrial structure in Shanghai.

Recently, the Shanghai Municipal Commission of Economy and Information Technology announced the 2023 Shanghai "specialized and special" list of small and medium-sized enterprises, Yimu technology with professional technical team, rich industry experience, quality products and services successfully selected, become Shanghai to promote innovation and development, optimize the industrial structure of the new force.


The meaning of "specialized and new" :

"Specialized and special" small and medium-sized enterprises refers to small and medium-sized enterprises with the characteristics of "specialization, refinement, peculiarity and novelty". The enterprises are at the leading level of domestic counterparts in terms of technology, market, quality and efficiency, and have advanced nature and demonstration. 

"Specialized" refers to the specialization and special technology, the enterprise focuses on and deeply cultivates a link or a product in the industrial chain;

"Fine" refers to fine, fine production, fine management and fine service;

"Special" means the uniqueness and characteristic of the product or service, which has the characteristics of the uniqueness, uniqueness and exclusive production of the industry or region;

"New" refers to independent innovation and model innovation.

As the first high-tech enterprise in China to fully master the full link core technologies of optical field camera optical design, micro and nano processing, packaging and manufacturing, algorithm software, Yimu Technology has the scale and standardized mass production capacity of industrial optical field camera, and the precision and speed of optical field system are in the forefront of the world.


The selection of Shanghai "specialized special new" small and medium-sized enterprises is one of the important measures of the Shanghai Municipal government to promote innovative development and optimize the industrial structure, and it is also the recognition and spur of Yimu Technology's long-term unremitting efforts, continuous innovation and market competitive advantages in the field of intelligent testing.

We will also take this opportunity to continue to increase investment in light field technology research and development, and constantly improve the ability of independent innovation, adhering to the core values of "customer first, innovation and change, the pursuit of excellence, efficient and rigorous, integrity and dedication", and work together with customers and partners to promote the development of intelligent manufacturing, and contribute to the Made in China 2025 and the economic and social development of Shanghai.

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