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Yi eye group construction | condensing heart, "Yi" road forward!

Publisher: Release time: 2023-06-07 Pageview (473)
On June 7, 2023, Yimu Technology held a unique outdoor group construction activity in Zhoupu Flower Sea.

On June 7, 2023, Yimu Technology held a unique outdoor group building activity in Zhoupu Huahai, aiming to enhance employees' sense of teamwork, promote the construction of corporate culture, and provide a space for employees to relax and enjoy.


In this beautiful sea of flowers, the team members carried out a series of challenging and interesting interactive activities.



Fun icebreaker

Under the rules of the fun ice breaking event, the entire team was divided into four teams, each team showed their team name, slogan and POSE skills.


The Big Red team


The Wolong Phoenix Chicks


Seventh squad



During the subsequent team tasks, team members got to know each other better and became familiar with each other, establishing a closer cooperative relationship. With the careful cooperation of everyone, the team tasks such as "traffic jam" and "building tower together" have been completed successively.




Resultant auxiliary tower

At noon, the company prepared an unlimited buffet BBQ for employees. Employees are free to choose the required materials, and bake their own delicious food, enjoy the food at the same time, but also enhance the relationship between each other.



After lunch, the team members played the classic squid game. Games such as "One, two, three wooden people", "picking sugar cakes", "playing marbles", and "Glass Plank Road" constantly stimulate everyone's desire for challenge and spirit of cooperation. In each game, team members work closely with each other to push through levels and push their limits. In the end, the Big Red and Purple team won the first place in several games and won the championship of the team competition.



At the end of the event, all members of the team participated in the "drum to win the world" challenge. Yimu team members tacit cooperation, unity, so that the impossible became possible, and finally successfully completed 100 consecutive balls. At the last moment of completing the task, the cheers and applause of the players echoed throughout the surrounding sea of flowers, and everyone felt the success of the activity and the cohesion of the team.



In the group summary and sharing, the team members shared their feelings and experiences, and shared the progress and growth in team cooperation, communication and collaboration, which also provided reference and inspiration for the next work. At the same time, Mr. Li also shared the corporate vision, corporate mission and core values of Yimu Technology, which are not only an important part of the company's culture, but also the code of conduct and the source of work motivation for every employee.



Corporate culture

Corporate Vision: Perceive multidimensional new horizons

Company mission: Let computational imaging enrich the way everyone perceives the world, empower the digital development of every industry, and jointly perceive multidimensional new horizons with every customer.

Core values: Customer first, innovation and change, the pursuit of excellence, efficient rigorous, integrity and dedication

This outdoor group building activity not only made the team members relax and enjoy in the games and barbecue, but also enhanced everyone's sense of belonging and identity for the company, improved the enthusiasm and enthusiasm of employees, and laid a solid foundation for the development of the company.

Yimu Technology will continue to adhere to the spirit of "gathering strength, Yi road forward", and constantly improve their team cooperation ability and corporate culture construction, in order to achieve the company's long-term development goals and continuous efforts. We believe that with the joint efforts of team members, Yimu Technology will be able to achieve better development results and bring more value and contributions to employees and the company.

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