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VisionChina (Shenzhen) Machine Vision exhibition came to a perfect end!

Publisher: Release time: 2023-11-03 Pageview (605)
The three-day China (Shenzhen) Machine Vision Exhibition and Machine Vision Technology and Industrial Application Seminar was successfully concluded in Shenzhen International Convention and Exhibition Center (Bao 'an New Hall).


On November 1, 2023, the three-day China (Shenzhen) Machine Vision Exhibition and Machine Vision Technology and Industrial Application Seminar was successfully concluded in Shenzhen International Convention and Exhibition Center (Bao 'an New Hall).

Light field technology has been attracting attention, during the exhibition, Yimu Technology on site displayed a series of eye-catching light field technology application solutions, such as light field gold wire detection, screen defect layered detection, seal nail defect detection, light field three-dimensional modeling, light field magnification, attracting the majority of visitors to stop. The scene is bustling with people and the booth is wonderful!



Introduction of application scheme

Optical field gold line detection scheme


Wirebond optical field detection brings a revolutionary breakthrough to the traditional gold wire detection. It supports full on-line inspection. Through the application of optical field technology, the hidden trouble caused by abnormal Wirebond process section can be eliminated in advance, the back-channel package yield of the chip can be improved, and the loss of the back-end PCBA section can be avoided.

Scenario scheme:

1. Chip type: Gold wire diameter :18≥μm; Gold wire spacing :2 times wire diameter; Number of gold thread layers: ≤2 layers;

2. The chip size can be checked:≤5mmx5mm

3. Detectable line height range:100μm ≤H≤ 600μm

4. Defect type: multi-line, parallel, ball deviation; Less line, broken line, ball up, foot up; Chip dirt, scratches, edge collapse, gold line collapse, tight line, etc.;

5. Detection accuracy: over detection rate: ≤0.1% Missing detection rate: ≤0.1%

6. High detection efficiency:UPH>20000pcs


Screen defect layer detection scheme


The VOMMA optical field screen defect 3D detection scheme can accurately locate the level information and 3D orientation of the defect through a single photo, fundamentally prevent the forced scrapping problem caused by screen defects, and help manufacturers improve the quality and competitiveness of products.

Scenario scheme:

1. Type of detectable screen film: polarizer、LCD、OLED、Mini LED

2. Defect type: scratches, bubbles, filaments, dust, broken spots, etc

3. Can be chip gold wire detection, polarization film layer detection

4. No need to cast light, single photo, multidimensional display

5. Z-axis repetition accuracy of 0.5μm



Three-dimensional modeling of light field


Light field 3D modeling scheme can use light field technology to quickly and accurately reconstruct 3D models, and provide important reference and support for design, manufacturing, scientific research and other fields.

Scenario: Research university laboratory

1. Micro, thin and transparent detection of 3D data acquisition in optical engineering, integrated circuit, intelligent manufacturing, biological cytology and electronic engineering;

2. It can be used in stereo photography, stereo microscopy, stereo image production;

3. It can detect chip gold wire, polarizing film layer, etc

4. No need to cast light, single photo, multidimensional display;

5. Z-axis repetition accuracy of 0.5μm.


Three-dimensional ranging of light field


In addition, this time, Yimu Technology has brought the newly developed light field zoom and light field zoom, line sweep light field detection scheme, which can provide a more flexible and convenient imaging method to meet the detection needs of customers in different scenarios.

Light field magnification scheme detection


Line sweep field detection


Multiple focus field detection


Walk to the Light and conspire new chapter

The exhibition came to a successful end, and the light field program display of Yimu Technology in this exhibition has won the attention and recognition of the majority of experts, scholars and entrepreneurs, and has brought new ideas and solutions for the development of machine vision technology. Yimu Technology will continue to listen to the needs of customers in light field visual inspection, continue to iterate on technology, develop more accurate, faster and smarter technology, and become the industry leader.

Here, Yimu technology also wishes all partners, in the next days, can develop stably, operate efficiently, and quickly achieve their goals and aspirations. I hope we can continue to maintain a good relationship of cooperation, work together to draw the future!


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