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Exhibition review | "The 13th National Experimental Fluid Mechanics Academic Conference" came to a perfect end, Yimu technology takes you to review the wonderful moment!

Publisher: Release time: 2023-04-28 Pageview (472)
The three-day "13th National Experimental Fluid Mechanics Academic Conference" was successfully concluded in Hefei, Anhui Province.

On April 22-24, the three-day "13th National Experimental Fluid Mechanics Academic Conference" was successfully concluded in Hefei, Anhui Province.

The conference was sponsored by the Fluid Mechanics Professional Committee of the Chinese Society of Mechanics, the Department of Mathematical and Physical Sciences of the National Natural Science Foundation of China, the College of Engineering Science of the University of Science and Technology of China, and co-organized by the National Key Laboratory of High Temperature Aerodynamics for Aerospace Flight and the State Key Laboratory of Aerodynamics, attracting nearly 700 experts and scholars to participate, which is the largest ever.



As the only domestic and international supplier of industrial-grade light field camera inspection system, and also the platinum sponsor of the conference, Yimu Technology and its partner Zhilai Education made a stunning appearance, presenting an innovative technology feast with strength, attracting many industry experts and scholars to stop and visit.

Next, take you to review the wonderful pictures of the Yimu booth that cannot be missed!


VE2\VE4 series show

The "two-way rush" of Yimu and customers: technology is guaranteed, communication is temperature. Yimu booth on-site display case application, real-time display scene experience attracted many visiting guests to stop and experience.



In response to the relevant questions raised by experts and scholars, the technical staff of the game purpose gave enthusiastic and patient answers.



Win-win cooperation

Yimu partner Zhilai Education, as a leading brand in the teaching and clothing industry and a service provider of complete education information solutions related to virtual simulation, brought a star product - desktop 3D interactive integrated machine in this exhibition, which gained a high popularity through scenario-based interactive experience.


During the conference, Professor Shi Shengxian, chief scientist of Yimu Technology, delivered the keynote speech "PIV of Light Field: Principle, Application and Prospect".



Although the meeting has ended, the enthusiasm of the game has not faded. Everyone's attention and expectations will firmly Yi Mu to the pace of the future. We are looking forward to seeing you next time.

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