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Platinum sponsor "Yimu Technology" invites you to Hefei together!

Publisher: Release time: 2023-04-22 Pageview (434)
VOMMA will make a wonderful appearance as a "platinum sponsor", and now we sincerely invite you to visit!


From April 21 to 24, the 13th National Experimental Fluid Mechanics Academic Conference was held in Hefei, Anhui Province. The conference took the form of invitation report, sub-venue report and wall poster display, focusing on scientific and technological innovation and talent training around the "four aspects" to promote the rapid and healthy development of experimental fluid mechanics and related fields in China.

At this conference, Yimu Technology will make a wonderful appearance as the "Platinum sponsor", and we sincerely invite you to visit!


Booth Number: 28-29

Speech preview 

Presentation Venue: Fluid Display and Measurement Technology (Session 3)

Speech time: April 22, 14:20

Guest Speaker: Shi Shengxian, Chief Scientist

Topic: Principle, Application and Prospect of PIV in Light Field

Meeting Room: Peony Pavilion C (4th Floor)


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