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VOMMA light field camera debuted in Vision China and won the Gold award for innovative Machine Vision products in 2020

Publisher: Release time: 2021-03-23 Pageview (6491)
To help high-end intelligent manufacturing, Yimu Technology presented its three cameras and integrated solutions at Vision China Shanghai Machine Vision Exhibition.

1、VOMMA light field camera exhibition application introduction

From March 17 to 19, 2021, China (Shanghai) Machine Vision Technology and Industrial Application Seminar was successfully held in Shanghai New International Expo Center. The three-dimensional testing program of Yimu technology at the exhibition site attracts many visitors to stop and watch.

At this exhibition, Yimu Technology launched three cameras, a new micro-light field system and integrated solutions, which quickly attracted the attention of the audience, received high praise, and attracted many visitors to consult and experience.

网站1.jpgVOMMA booth is very hot

网站2.jpg VOMMA market/technical backbone on-site Q&A

The VOMMA light field camera uses a unique ultra-high resolution microlens and CMOS combination, which can realize the imaging effect of multiple traditional cameras around shooting, that is, "single camera, single shot, multiple focus, multiple viewing Angle, three-dimensional measurement and modeling". At present, the VOMMA light field camera is mainly used in the three-dimensional detection of chip gold wire and layered detection of screen defects, through its unique single shot, three-dimensional imaging technology, can achieve a full range (can observe multiple Angle imaging information), high precision (micron level), fast rate (single detection time 0.2s), high stability (quality control effect is stable) detection effect.

VOMMA light field cameras have been put into use in 3C product lines such as Samsung and Apple. At the exhibition site, Yimu Technology showed the landing cases of chip gold wire defect detection and screen module defect hierarchical detection. In addition to the on-site display of cases, Yimu technology in PCB electronic parts three-dimensional detection, precision components surface scratch detection and other fields have applications, the future will be in the three-dimensional video acquisition, unmanned areas for in-depth expansion.



With the maturity of high-resolution microscopic light field system technology with VOMMA20/40/60 times magnification, Yimu Technology will take the lead in entering the field of biomedical machine vision detection, replacing the traditional human eye or 2D detection scheme, and completely subverted the current ecological environment of the industry.

网站5.jpgVOMMA microscopic light field system

The VOMMA optical field camera integrated solution can complete 2D tin ball inspection and 3D gold wire inspection on chip in one go, improving the efficiency of inspection.

网站6.jpgVOMMA Optical field camera integrated solution

2、Exhibition activity introduction

网站7.jpgSeminar presentation site

Mr. Li Haotian, CTO/ co-founder of YIMu Technology, participated in the seminar of "Enabling AI+VISION+5G+ Industrial Interconnection" as a special guest, shared the working principle and specific application scenarios of VOMMA light field camera to the guests and industry leaders, and summarized the future prospects of YIMu Technology.

网站8.jpgAward scene

The VOMMA Light Field camera won the Gold Award for Machine Vision Innovation Product of the Year 2020. As the world's leading supplier of new solutions for 3D machine vision inspection, Yimu Technology will continue to use light field 3D imaging technology to create an autonomous and controlled intelligent manufacturing eye, fill the industry gap in MEMS chip gold wire 3D defect detection, help domestic semiconductor inspection equipment technology upgrade, and provide a new and effective 3D inspection means for the field of machine vision. Promote technological innovation throughout the industry.
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