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Yi Mu exclusive black technology! Completely subvert the MEMS microphone chip detection industry

Publisher: 奕目科技 Release time: 2021-02-25 Pageview (3877)
The popularity of the wireless Bluetooth headset market has led to the development of the chip and its detection industry. VOMMA light field camera's exclusive 3D imaging technology brings a major breakthrough to the chip inspection industry!

1、MEMS microphone chip inspection industry status

With the first generation of AirPods launched by Apple in recent years, AirPods Pro and other products that support active noise reduction, the industry heat of TWS (wireless Bluetooth headphones) headphones has been rapidly detonated. From 2016 to 2019, the size of China's TWS headset market grew from 340 million to 2.4 billion US dollars, with a compound growth rate of 92.4%, and it is expected that by 2024, global TWS headset shipments will grow from more than 250 million in 2020 to more than 500 million. At the same time as the rapid development of the TWS headset industry, China's upstream and downstream chip, sensor, algorithm and other supply chain manufacturers have risen rapidly to seize the domestic and foreign markets. (Data cited from Mames Consulting report)
Behind the birth of a pair of TWS headphones need a very long parts supply chain support, at present, the main control Bluetooth chip, battery, noise reduction chip, MEMS microphone chip, sensor five core devices are important directions that the industry needs continuous research and investment. In the MEMS microphone chip market, the main partner of Yimu Technology, a wireless Bluetooth headphone head company, includes Apple, Samsung and other customers, mainly in the high-end market. The field of cooperation with Yimu Technology is mainly for the rapid detection of gold wire of MEMS microphone chips, using the unique three-dimensional imaging technology of VOMMA light field camera, more intuitive and faster to distinguish bad chips. With the continuous development of China's chip manufacturing industry, the chip inspection industry has a bright future, and VOMMA light field camera with its exclusive technology will play a big role in the chip inspection industry.


——Image quoted from the Myms Consulting report

2、Principles of light field technology

Simply put, the collection of space light is the light field, and we are surrounded by the light field all the time. A complete description of the light field requires seven parameters, the position of the light (x, y, z), the direction (θ, H), the wavelength (λ) and the time (t). When the light field propagates in the transparent medium of air, its spatial position can be accurately determined by the position of two points formed by the intersection of the light and two parallel planes. The main lens and the microlens of the light field camera are equivalent to two parallel planes, and the refraction of a line through the two lenses records the intensity, position and direction of the line.


——Image quoted from "Li Haotian et al. 2018. Surface Pressure Measurement Technology Based on 3D reconstruction of Light Field and PSP"

The VOMMA light-field camera uses a combination of ultra-high resolution microlenses with CMOS, and its dense array of microlenses, similar to the compound eye of a dragonfly, can refract light from all directions of an object into different pixels, thus recording all three-dimensional light passing through the main lens. The light can be retraced through the software processing, and the focus plane can be changed freely, and the Angle of view can be switched and three-dimensional imaging can be made. Therefore, a single VOMMA light-field camera can achieve the imaging effect of multiple traditional cameras around shooting, namelySingle camera, one shot, multiple focus, multiple viewing angles, 3D measurement/modeling


Dragonfly compound eye


VOMMA light field camera profile




One shot, multiple perspectives

Yimu Technology has become the second in the world and the only one in China to fully grasp the light field camera Optical design, packaging and manufacturing, 3D rendering of light field image, 3D precision and rapid detection All core technologies of the light field 3D imaging technology company, and continue to explore the different application scenarios of light field cameras. At present, it is mainly used in the gold wire detection of chip.

3、MEMS microphone chip detection difficulties

At present, most MEMS microphones chip gold wire detection adopts 2D detection scheme of human eye microscope observation. 2D detection scheme can solve the problems of missing welding, missing wire, parallel wire, broken wire, etc., but it does not have a particularly good observation effect for the problems of gold pin, falling wire, etc., and the observation efficiency of human eyes is low, leading to the instability of chip detection productivity.


Traditional chip gold wire detection method

4、VOMMA solution

The VOMMA chip detection project is aimed at the existing detection difficulties, relying on the unique three-dimensional imaging technology of light field, through a single shot of the light field camera, output the three-dimensional contour data of the gold wire, efficient and accurate judgment of the good quality of the chip gold wire, and put forward a detection scheme that can achieve multi-angle and all-round observation effect. A single gold wire detection time is only 0.5s, which greatly improves the speed and accuracy of chip detection.


Chip gold wire 3D profile data

VOMMA light field camera single shot

VOMMA Technology's VOMMA light field camera detection solution greatly improves the efficiency and accuracy of chip gold wire detection, which is a disruptive breakthrough for the entire chip detection industry. At present, we have reached deep cooperation with a wireless Bluetooth headphone head company on chip detection.


VOMMA optical field camera chip 3D detection system diagram

5、MEMS microphone chip gold wire detection effect display

The defect types of chip gold wire include missing welding, missing line, parallel line, broken line, falling line, foot up, etc., the following show the effect of VOMMA light field camera detection.


                             Normal gold wire


                                      Missing thread - Missing gold thread断线轮廓图.jpg

                                            Broken wire -- the gold wire is broken


                                            Drop line - The gold line outline is lower than normal height


                                                Feet up - Gold line outline above normal height

The above gold wire outline diagram can clearly observe the various problems existing in the chip gold wire. Yimu Technology is the only company in China with detection technology that can observe the three-dimensional information of gold thread from multiple perspectives. VOMMA light field camera with its unique single shot, multi-focus, multi-view, three-dimensional imaging technology to detect the gold line contour, thickness, height to meet the chip requirements, greatly saving the time cost of the detection link, labor costs, in the chip inspection industry has great development potential.

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