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Official announcement | VOMMA and Changhong Jiahua reached strategic cooperation!

Publisher: Release time: 2023-10-16 Pageview (607)
VOMMA and Changhong Jiahua Qiangqiang hand in hand

In line with the goal of win-win cooperation and common development, YIMu (Shanghai) Technology Co., LTD. (hereinafter referred to as "Yimu Technology") signed a strategic cooperation agreement with Sichuan Changhong Jiahua Doola-Youhuo E-commerce Co., LTD. (hereinafter referred to as "Changhong Jiahua") in September 2023, and Changhong Jiahua officially became the "exclusive general agent of the national education industry" of Yimu Technology!

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Changhong Jiahua is a comprehensive multinational enterprise group integrating consumer electronics and core device R&D and manufacturing. It is a Hong Kong listed enterprise (stock code 3991) held by state-owned enterprises with good profitability and an excellent digital intelligence integrated service provider and value partner in China.

Changhong Jiahua constantly seeks to grow its core capabilities and accumulate experience in the application of cutting-edge technologies, deepen intelligent business and digital construction, use advanced technologies such as cloud computing, artificial intelligence and big data, innovate business models, deeply integrate online e-commerce, new media, offline new retail, new channels and other multi-channel channels, and empower good partners with efficient and high-quality marketing services. Its core channels are more than 10,000, covering 1-6 cities, involving 25 industries such as finance, telecommunications, medical care, and education, covering the channel system of the whole country.

The company has been ranked among the "Top Ten Digital ecological value-added Distributors in China" for many years, won the "Industry Innovation Model" and "Digital Transformation driving force" awards by virtue of its excellent performance in building innovation ecology and empowering digital industry development, and won hundreds of honorary awards from local governments, authoritative associations and cooperative enterprises in the fields of marketing performance, integrity management, social responsibility and brand image.

The YIMu Technology and Changhong Jiahua strong hand in hand, the two sides will carry out in-depth cooperation in the scientific research market, relying on the advantages of YIMu technology's own optical field technology and Changhong Jiahua's channel resource integration and network promotion service advantages, complementary advantages, common development, cooperates to build a new ecology of scientific research industry, and jointly promote the application of four-dimensional optical field imaging technology in scientific research scenes. Widely connect ecological partners to bring more convenient and efficient "light field" solutions to the science and education industry!


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