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VisionChina2023 (Shanghai) concluded successfully! Yimu Technology is looking forward to meeting you again

Publisher: Release time: 2023-07-14 Pageview (553)
The three-day China (Shanghai) Machine Vision Exhibition and Machine Vision technology and industrial application seminar VisionChina 2023 was successfully concluded at the Shanghai National Convention and Exhibition Center.

From July 11 to 13, 2023, the three-day China (Shanghai) Machine Vision Exhibition and machine vision technology and industrial application seminar VisionChina 2023 was successfully concluded at the Shanghai National Convention and Exhibition Center! Organized by the Machine Vision Industry Alliance (CMVU) and organized by Messe Munchen (Shanghai) Co., LTD., the exhibition attracted more than 300 machine vision companies from around the world and 94,648 professional visitors!




Machine vision technology plays an important role in the field of industrial automation. Yimu Technology, as an international leading supplier of light field cameras and a "specialized and new" high-tech enterprise in the field of computational imaging, brought a series of new light field cameras to the exhibition. Its core product light field camera and its innovative application cases in the fields of industrial automation, new energy, intelligent manufacturing and virtual/augmented reality were displayed on site, attracting the attention of many viewers!




Light field camera is a kind of camera that can capture all the light information in the scene, and can realize the functions of focus adjustment and depth of field enhancement in post-processing, which has a wide application prospect. With the characteristics of high resolution, high sensitivity and high dynamic range, the light field cameras of Yimu Technology can meet the needs of a variety of complex application scenarios, realize the detection of fine defects on the surface of products, and improve the accuracy and efficiency of product quality control.



At this exhibition, Yimu Technology brought a new version of the VA6 and VA2 series cameras, the hardware adopts a newly upgraded complex eye lens design, improve the light decoupling modulation capability of nearly 1 times, improve the optical field sampling network density up to 180%. Compared with the old product, the new model has excellent performance in detection performance: XY resolution increased by 25%, Z accuracy increased by 30%, full cycle frame rate increased by 25%. It is worth noting that the new product combined with low magnification lenses can fully replace the technical solution of the old product set of high magnification lenses, and in the case of consistent accuracy, you can obtain a larger field of view, higher detection efficiency, and more extreme cost performance.

In addition, the VA2 series introduces the new VA2M light field camera, which is suitable for three-dimensional inspection scenes with a medium field of view. Maximum support field of view up to 25.6*25.6mm², depth of field up to 16mm, Z-direction accuracy up to 3μm, full cycle frame rate up to 30 frames, recommended for use in lithium battery, dispensing, chip detection and other industries.

In the exhibition area, Yimo Technology also brought the world's first line sweep light field product, which is the 8K version of the light field camera, more suitable for 3D AOI detection fields such as surface defects, high efficiency and high precision, and can better meet the needs of customers in different scenes. The official product is expected to be officially launched in the second half of the year.


Yimu Technology's light field camera series products have been widely concerned and praised at the exhibition. Visitors have stopped the booth, expressed a strong interest in the light field camera, and its application prospects in industrial automation and intelligent manufacturing, scientific research and other expressed a high degree of recognition, VOMMA technical engineers through on-site demonstration and explanation, for the audience detailed introduction of the light field camera working principle and application cases, and in-depth exchanges and discussions with the audience. There are many representatives of enterprises hope to carry out in-depth cooperation with Yimu technology in the future.




On the morning of July 12, at the seminar on machine vision technology and industrial application with the theme of "Vision +AI Enabling intelligent upgrading of Manufacturing industry" held during the same period of the exhibition, Yang Jingjie, senior technical manager of Yimu Technology, delivered a keynote speech of "Introduction of Detection Scheme Based on light field Camera". The technical principles, application scenarios and solutions of VOMMA light field cameras are shared.


In this exhibition, the light field camera displayed by Yimu Technology has been widely recognized and praised, and has established a good brand image for the company. Yimo Technology not only shows its leading light field camera technology, but also shows the innovative strength of Chinese machine vision enterprises, and will continue to uphold the spirit of innovation, constantly promote the research and development and application of light field camera technology, further improve product performance and solutions, and provide customers with more efficient, intelligent and reliable machine vision solutions.

At the same time, Yimu Technology will continue to strengthen cooperation with partners and customers in the industry, jointly promote the innovation and application of machine vision technology, and inject new vitality and momentum into industrial automation, intelligent manufacturing, new energy, scientific research and other fields.


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