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VOMMA | Munich Automatica2023 ended successfully, and the Consul General of Munich visited the booth to guide

Publisher: Release time: 2023-07-05 Pageview (455)
On June 30, 2023, the 4-day Robot and Automation technology Exhibition in Munich, Germany (Automatica 2023) ended successfully at the Munich International Expo Center.

On June 30, 2023, the 4-day Robot and Automation technology Exhibition in Munich, Germany (Automatica 2023) ended successfully at the Munich International Expo Center. As a "specialized and new" high-tech enterprise in the field of computational imaging, Yimu Technology brought its VA6 and VA2 series optical field cameras to the exhibition, which were highly praised and recognized by customers at home and abroad.



During the exhibition, the booth of Yimu Technology attracted the attention of a large number of participants. The outstanding performance of the core products VA6 and VA2 series light field cameras is impressive. The technical staff of Yimu Technology introduced the application of light field camera and its technical advantages in the field of automation to the visitors in detail. With its high precision 3D measurement, real-time and non-contact characteristics, the optical field camera has broad application prospects in industrial automation, new energy, scientific research universities, biomedics and other detection fields.


Both professionals and potential customers were attracted by the scene case display of the light field camera, and they exchanged and discussed with the staff of Yimu technology, expressed their appreciation for the application prospects and solutions of the light field camera, and expressed their intention to cooperate with Yimu Technology.

It was a great honor for Yimu Technology to have Mr. Tong Defa, Consul General of Munich, attend the exhibition and have a cordial conversation with the members of CMVU (China Machine Vision Industry Alliance). He spoke highly of the technical strength and product innovation of the exhibitors present, which brought greater confidence and motivation to the exhibitors, and everyone deeply felt the care and support of the motherland. Inspired everyone's enthusiasm for continuous innovation and active expansion of the international market.


The participation of Automatica 2023 in Munich, Germany, is an important milestone for Yimu Technology. The exhibition has built an important platform for Yimu technology to explore the market, exchange and cooperation, and provided a valuable opportunity for Yimu Technology to open up a broader market and expand international cooperation. Yimu technology has also lived up to expectations, with advanced technical strength and excellent product quality, successfully attracted the attention of the majority of participants, and conducted in-depth cooperation negotiations with a number of domestic and foreign enterprises. In the future, Yimu Technology will continue to uphold the concept of technological innovation and high-quality products, continue to explore and advance in the field of automation, and provide customers with better solutions.

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