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VOMMA won the "2022 Key Enterprise" and General manager Li Haotian won the title of "2022 Outstanding Entrepreneur in Minhang District"

Publisher: Release time: 2023-02-17 Pageview (1975)
VOMMA won the "2022 Key Enterprise" and General manager Li Haotian won the title of "2022 Outstanding Entrepreneur in Minhang District"

Grasp the economy, grab the opening, heavy quality, excellent environment. On February 15, 2023, the Conference on Optimizing Business environment Construction and Promoting high-quality Economic Development in Minhang District was successfully held, and awards such as 2022 high-quality economic development enterprises and 2022 Outstanding entrepreneurs were awarded at the conference.


(2023 Minhang District Optimizing Business Environment Construction and Promoting High-quality Economic Development Conference)

At the meeting, Yimu Technology won the title of "Key Enterprise in 2022", and Li Haotian, general manager of Yimu Technology, was awarded the title of "Excellent Entrepreneur in 2022". This is the district party committee and district government to affirm and encourage the efforts made by Yimu technology in recent years in project construction, scientific and technological innovation, social responsibility and other aspects.


(VOMMA won the "2022 Key Enterprises with the Most Potential Award")


(Li Haotian, general manager of VOMMA, won the title of "Excellent Entrepreneur of Minhang District 2022")

Get ready for the battle and get ready to move forward. Yimu technology will make persistent efforts, continue to innovate, constantly improve the quality and efficiency of development, and drive the development of the industry with technological innovation!


VOMMA (Shanghai) was established in 2019 as a project of Shanghai Jiao Tong University's scientific and technological achievements transformation, and is an international leading supplier of light field cameras. The core product, light field camera combined with computational imaging technology, realizes the instantaneous recording of multidimensional light information, has the ability of single shot and instantaneous three-dimensional modeling, has the characteristics of micro and nano precision, millisecond level calculation, passive measurement, and won the "Annual machine vision Innovation Product Gold Medal" at the Munich Shanghai Light Fair 2020.

Through the bionic insect compound eye structure, combined with computational imaging technology, the eye field camera can realize the instantaneous solution of multi-dimensional light information. This unique ability of "single photography, simultaneous acquisition of multi-angle images, and three-dimensional accurate measurement" perfectly solves the difficulties of three-dimensional detection of transparent, reflective, micro-deep holes and other products.


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