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Li Haotian, founder of VOMMA, was invited to attend the 2021 Jiaotong University Entrepreneurs (Autumn) conference

Publisher: Release time: 2021-12-15 Pageview (3955)
On December 10, the 2021 Shanghai Jiao Tong University Entrepreneurs (Autumn) Conference was successfully concluded in Shanghai.
      On December 10, the 2021 Shanghai Jiao Tong University Entrepreneurs (Autumn) Conference was successfully concluded in Shanghai. At this conference, Shanghai Jiao Tong University established the Entrepreneurship Guide Future Fund. This is also the first guiding parent fund initiated by a university to support the transformation of scientific and technological achievements and alumni entrepreneurship. Relying on SJTU's profound scientific and technological achievements transformation factors and huge alumni entrepreneurship foundation, the fund gives full play to the leverage and multiplier effect of the parent fund to attract the participation of social capital, state-owned enterprises, financial institutions, local governments, etc. Through the establishment of parent funds and direct investment funds, the fund focuses on supporting the development of seed-stage and growth science and technology innovation enterprises with SJTU background in a market-oriented way. The initial scale is expected to be 1 billion yuan.

    Shanghai Jiaotong University has always taken national prosperity and rejuvenation as its own responsibility, and has a profound "innovation" gene. Entrepreneurs from Shanghai Jiaotong University are becoming an important new force for scientific and technological innovation and entrepreneurship in China. According to incomplete statistics, at present, the total market value of enterprises founded or co-founded by SJTU alumni listed in A-shares, Hong Kong stocks and the United States stocks has reached more than 4 trillion yuan, ranking first among universities in China; Among these listed companies, there are 6 with a market value of more than 100 billion yuan, including Zeng Yuqun, founder of Ningde Times, Li Xiaodong, founder of Donghai Group, and Cheng Minghe, founder of Mindray Medical, are all Jiaotong University alumni. In the past year, a total of more than 100 "Jiaotong University" projects have been financed, of which more than 40 have received more than 100 million yuan of financing, most of which are hard technology projects.



Shanghai Jiaotong University future industry fund launch ceremony


On the morning of December 10, the Shanghai Jiaotong University entrepreneurship Project exchange meeting was also held. The 13 companies participating in this exchange meeting are 100% technology-driven enterprises, including advanced manufacturing, artificial intelligence, enterprise services, chips, biotechnology, new energy and other fields, and most of them are doctors and professors. The dozens of investors who participated in the project exchange meeting were all alumni of SJTU from various venture capital institutions.

    Li Haotian, the founder of Yimu Technology, was invited to participate in this event as an alumnus of the College of Mechanical Power and Engineering in 2016, made a summary report on the current development of Yimu technology, and had a pleasant conversation with alumni investors on the spot. The three-dimensional light field intelligent visual inspection system developed by Yimu Technology has also been highly praised by many investors. With the in-depth verification and use in more and more customer production lines, the three-dimensional optical field intelligent visual inspection system has been unanimously recognized by well-known 3C, new energy vehicles, semiconductors and other head customers at home and abroad.


Li Haotian shared the development of science and technology of Yimu

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