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Wang Rui, product director of VOMMA Technology, was invited to give a lecture on light field camera technology and application at MEMS and Zhi Dong Xi

Publisher: Release time: 2022-08-19 Pageview (457)

In MEMS opened on July, "micro-nano optical element and its application" series course, upper mesh technology director Wang Rui invited speaker of the light field camera based on micro lens array three-dimensional imaging technology and application "course, the course introduces the micro lens array technology, the existence of micro lens array makes the light field camera can record the parallax, it provides a new possibility for 3D imaging applications. The light field camera mainly places microlens array (MLA) between the main lens and the imaging plane, and the MLA is parallel to the imaging plane. This design enables the light field camera to simultaneously capture the position and Angle information of the light in space -- record the 4D light field information, and render the light field to realize the ability of imaging before focusing.

Relying on the scientific research strength of Shanghai Jiaotong University, VOMMA Technology has overcome a number of light field technical problems, fully mastered all the core technologies involved in 3D light field camera: optical design, micro and nano processing, light field chip encapsulation and measurement, light field algorithm, 3D industrial software, etc., and led the formulation of domestic industry standards for light field camera.


In August, Zhi Dong Xi Open Course planned to launch "Industrial Machine Vision Series Talk" open course. Wang Rui, product director of VOMMA Technology, gave a speech on "Innovation of 3D Light Field Camera and Industrial Defect Detection Practice". This PAPER MAINLY INTRODUCES THE LIGHT FIELD IMAGING TECHNOLOGY BASED ON MICROLENS ARRAY, the PRINCIPLE OF LIGHT field CAMERA, the 3D INFORMATION PROCESSING of light field CAMERA, and the application of light field CAMERA in semiconductor chip, transparent screen module and other scenes. Through the vivid case presentation, the open class content makes more people interested in light field camera technology and game technology.


With the increasing accuracy of object detection and the increasing complexity of the measured objects, machine vision is evolving from 2D vision to 3D vision under the strong demand. The emergence of 3D machine vision has effectively solved the problems of complex object recognition and depth measurement in the traditional 2D era, and can also achieve more complex human-computer interaction functions. At present, 3D machine vision technology mainly includes binocular vision method, structured light method and laser triangulation method. And a new 3D vision technology called light field imaging.

Accumulate through long-term research and development, the upper mesh technology introduced a light field three-dimensional detection technology, through the bionic insect compound eye imaging, integrated millions have independent view of precision compound eye sensor, single shot any Angle, any focusing can be realized, passive large depth of field, the three dimensional modeling function, solved the transparent, reflective, the difficulties of micro deep hole products such as 3D detection, And in semiconductor chip, transparent screen module and other scenarios to carry out the application practice.