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VA15 Series

VA15 Series

●High-end custom nanoscale light field acquisition chip
●A single shot can obtain multi-angle, multi-focus images
●Support 3D measurement, defect detection and real-time 3D modeling
●Support camera and light field algorithm SDK secondary development
●Supporting high performance light field rendering software
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Adaptive lens


Range of visual field

X direction


Y direction


Z direction (depth of field)

6500 mm-1850 mm

Lateral operation rate ¹

0.5 mm

Z-direction repetition accuracy ²

1 mm

Full-cycle frame rate ³

1 fps
1. Lateral operation rate: The data is the best resolution obtained by the USAF1951 operation rate test card in the full range of the camera panoramic depth and full field of view.

2. Z-direction repetition accuracy (1σ):

(1) The data is tested in the camera's panoramic depth and full depth of vision;

(2) The following test method was adopted: Shot the field point calibration board at the edge of near-depth of field, focal plane and distant deep edge, and divided the FOV into 9 areas (the area of dots within the area was 1.4%FOV) at each location. The double standard deviation of 100 measurements of the B mean difference between the upper and lower calibration boards in the 27 areas was calculated, and the worst value was taken as the final result.

3 .Full-cycle frame rate: real-time shooting, calculating and saving multi-view and depth information frame rate (recommended graphics card configuration RTX3080Ti or above)